June 8, 2007

Because She’s White

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Race-baiter and career fruit basket Al Sharpton is unhappy with Paris Hilton’s early jail release citing, of course, racial favoritism. If that’s the case I have a little popquiz for you:

Question 1: What would happen to Beyonce if caught selling crack on the street corner compared to your typical black crackwhore?

A. Beyonce would be treated harsher as punishment for breaking up “Destiny’s Child”
B. Beyonce would likely receive the same treatment
C. Beyonce would be treated better because she’s a rich, privileged celebrity

If you answered “C,” congratulations, you have more common sense than Al Sharpton.

Question 2: What would happen to Whitney Houston if caught attempting to fly with marijuana compared to your typical black pothead?

Oh wait, we already know because that happened and she didn’t spend a second behind bars for it. Paris Hilton isn’t getting any special treatment because she’ a poor, helpless white girl who can’t take jail the way a black chick can. It’s what’s in the poor helpless white girl’s bank account and not in the black chick’s that’s motivating any special treatment.

But from what I’m reading she may have to do more jail time pending the outcome of her latest court hearing. Either way, I hope Paris isn’t planning on rebuilding her image anytime soon. From a publicity standpoint, it would be wise to not resist whatever sentence handed down. If she wants fans she needs to stop acting like she’s better than everyone else and saying she’s too beautiful to serve time and deny the world her precious image, or whatever twaddle excuse she previous peddled.


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  1. Because She’s White

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