June 13, 2007

Still Want That T-Shirt?

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Maybe these girls thought they were going onto a bookmobile when they wandered over, but nevertheless I hope they get laughed out of court:

PANAMA CITY, Fla. – Two Florida women have sued “Girls Gone Wild” creator Joe Francis and his film company, alleging a sexually explicit video was released without their consent.

In the federal lawsuit filed Monday in Panama City, Brook Patsolic and Christina Brose said they were enticed to board a “Girls Gone Wild” tour bus with the promise of free clothing. Once onboard, they allegedly were given alcoholic drinks even though both were younger than 21.

According to the lawsuit, the cameramen then coerced the women into exposing themselves and engaging in sexual activities, but repeatedly stated they would not use footage in a video. However, the footage appeared on two separate “Girls Gone Wild” DVDs.

It’s amazing what some females will do for a crappy t-shirt, and even more amazing how surprised they are when they find out the next day that they’ve been exploited.

I’m kind of curious as to how these girls were “enticed” into boarding the “Girls Gone Wild” bus in the first place. I know a seedy guy with a camera promising free t-shirts is an offer that can’t be refused to some people, but when they were asked to remove their clothing are shame their parents by doing the nasty, a siren or two should have gone off.

Did they really expect the footage of them to be locked up somewhere in a secret vault? Something has to be put on those DVDs to sell, and the choreographer telling them what to do surely wasn’t doing it for his health.

This is a frivolous lawsuit by two adult women who knew what they were getting themselves into when they boarded the bus and broke the law by accepting alcohol, something that as the core part of the lawsuit will be hard to prove as the film crew denies providing any.

I’m sure there are more women who later regretted appearing in one or more of the countless videos produced then peddled on late-night infomercials, and this lawsuit may spur many more. Many more from girls who were told they were the hottest “I’ve ever seen” and then offered a free shirt for exposing themselves on camera.

They don’t call it “Girls Gone Wild” for nothing.

UPDATE: With some reluctance I posted a picture of Brooke Patsolic and Christina Brose in this recent post. It may be tabloid fodder, but it also relates to our discourse on frivolous lawsuits.



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  2. There is nothing shameful about removing clothing and “doing the nasty”.

    Comment by Larry Joe — October 7, 2007 @ 10:44 pm | Reply

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