June 16, 2007

Shunning Fox News

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By now most of the Democratic candidates for president have made the stunningly stupid decision to not appear at any debates hosted by the Fox News Channel. Talking Points Memo echoes the accepted rationale by the Left for why they shouldn’t get their message across to a wider audience:

The point, which I’d hoped was obvious by now, is that Dems (accurately) perceive Fox News as a partisan outlet, with a Republican audience, and with an agenda contrary to Democratic policies. As E. J. Dionne recently put it, “I am an avid reader of conservative magazines such as National Review and the Weekly Standard. But if these two publications teamed up to sponsor a Democratic debate, would anyone accuse Edwards, Obama and Clinton of ‘blacklisting’ if the candidates said, ‘no, thanks’?”

So the Democrats should avoid debating on Fox because it’s a “partisan outlet with a Republican audience.” For the sake of argument, let’s say it’s true that every person who watches Fox News is a rabid conservative. What do the Democrats have to lose by appearing on that network – the votes they were never going to get from them in the first place?

The horrible analogy comparing Fox News to National Review shows how delusional the Left is. National Review and the Weekly Standard are conservative publications that cater to a deeply partisan group willing to spend $50 for a year’s worth of magazines that tell them what they want to hear.

Fox News, meanwhile, is available to almost everyone with basic cable. It is the most watched cable news network in the country consistently pulverizing CNN and MSNBC in the ratings. The above quoted E.J. Dionne even said, “I wish liberals could create a comparably powerful network.”

But because Democrats don’t want to “legitimize” the network with the largest pool of potential voters, they’ll continue putting on a dance for the people who already had their minds made up, instead of trying to win a few converts in an election that could end up quite close if America has to decide between another Bush-like Republican or Hillary Clinton.

Wow, Democrats. Maybe you should also stop campaigning in traditionally red states so as to not legitimize them either. Seriously, who needs Florida anyway? They probably watch Fox News.



  1. […] still amazed by how stupid the Democratic presidential hopefuls were when they refused to appear in a debate sponsored by Fox News and potentially tap into a voter pool that could easily determine the outcome of the next […]

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  2. And I still can’t believe that people think FOX News is a valid source of unbiased information.

    Democrats debating on Fox? The last scene from 300 comes to mind.

    Comment by Stryker — June 21, 2007 @ 12:46 am | Reply

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