June 21, 2007

Richard Roeper Responds to my Criticism

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Yesterday Chicago Sun-Times columnist Richard Roeper or, according to Homer Simpson, Roger Ebert’s “kiss-ass new partner,” replied to my criticism of his column that implied Fox News has been “slanting” coverage of Michael Moore’s new documentary, “Sicko.” He was referring to comments made by conservative talk-show host Sean Hannity, but blamed the network despite its in-house movie critic giving the film a fawning review. From Roeper’s e-mail:

i don’t write the headlines. and of course roger friedman’s entertainment columns are quite different from the commentaries of hannity and o’reilly.

incidentally, i’ve been on fox news shows dozens of times, and i’ll continue to appear. as i’ve written in the past, they’ve always treated me fairly and professionally.

all the best,
richard roeper

Apparently my experience as a middle school yearbook editor didn’t teach me everything there is to know about journalism as I was completely unaware that columnists don’t write their own headlines. But even if I do concede that point to Roeper it doesn’t change the fact that he explicitly wrote, “To the surprise of no one, Fox News has been attacking Moore’s latest” when Roger Friedman’s glowing review eclipses whatever quip Sean Hannity made about the divisive filmmaker and his controversial documentary.

An interesting observation about the e-mail format that I just have to point out is the all-lowercase structure. It suggests Roeper’s playing the hip non-elitist who’s just a step steps above “IDK my BFF Jill” text messaging. Or, perhaps it’s just a quicker way to respond to his flooded e-mail inbox, but I prefer to think the former.


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