June 28, 2007

George Tiller ‘The Baby Killer’ Charged

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Very good news coming from the office of the Kansas Attorney General, Democrat Paul Morrison, as reported in the Kansas City Star:

TOPEKA | Wichita abortion provider George Tiller broke the law when he performed late-term abortions, Attorney General Paul Morrison said today.

Morrison said he is rejecting all charges filed against Tiller by his predecessor, Phill Kline, but the attorney general today filed 19 misdemeanor charges of his own.

Kansas law forbids abortions after the 22nd week unless the procedure will save a woman’s life or prevent significant injury to a major bodily function. That exception has been read to apply to mental health.

The law also requires that two doctors agree the late-term abortion is medically necessary before the procedure is done, and the state forbids those doctors to have financial or legal ties. However, Morrison alleged today Tiller and the other physician had a financial relationship.

Morrison’s decision to charge Tiller is likely to come as a shock to anti-abortion groups who expected Tiller to be cleared. They predicted that Morrison would decline to charge Tiller, saying the attorney general would shield the abortion provider. A political action committee controlled by Tiller spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in the recent election attacking Kline.

Michelle Malkin was quick to jump on the story. Bill O’Reilly has also been following the abortion provider who may have broken the law by not reporting the rapes of underaged girls.

The reluctance of abortion providers to follow the law and report underaged girls who come for abortions with their adult boyfriends is troubling. When this whole thing is through we can only hope -at the very least – that Tiller will have lost his license to practice.



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  2. Much appreciative Valintino.


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