July 17, 2007

A Judicial Branch With a Hint of Olive

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Rudy Giuliani’s recently assembled cast of judicial advisors can only be described as an all-star lineup that would crush MLB’s best American League roster accustomed to beating up National League lightweights.

“America’s mayor” made a campaign promise to appoint the right kind of judges to the federal bench, and has just taken a huge step toward fulfilling it by surrounding himself with advisors who’d make great judges themselves…ones who aren’t judges already.

Social conservatives who are afraid of the next liberal Republican president desperately need to be aware that the worst eight-year presidency can be completely vindicated by just one Supreme Court selection.

Just one.

One pick.

One 50-year-old selection like John Roberts to replace the aging dinosaur John Paul Stevens to secure the proper direction for our federal jurisprudence for at least another half century.

But Republicans are looking at the short term. A recent poll found that nearly a quarter of Republicans are unwilling to back any of the leading candidates because they’re looking for the next Ronald Reagan.

Well the next Reagan isn’t an option for 2008, and with what President Bush has done to the image of the Republican party as a middle-of-the-road moderate, America isn’t hungry for someone more ideological.

And besides, the great Ronald Reagan was the president who gave us Sandra Day O’Connor and Anthony Kennedy. Bush Sr. gave us David Souter. Bush Jr. tried to give us Harriet Miers.

A president’s political philosophy is just not a reliable indicator of judicial appointments, and regardless of what Giuliani’s positions may be there is no reason to believe he’s lying when he says he will appoint “strict constructionists” to the bench as president, something he didn’t promise before he became mayor of New York and made moderate appointments. When he wasn’t surrounded by members of the Federalist Society.

If elected he can show up to his inauguration in drag and do whatever else conservatives fear about him, but three things will be guaranteed:

1. Replacing John Paul Stevens with another young John Roberts would pay off in dividends so great that no liberal Giuliani agenda would be able to spoil them.

2. Replacing a second liberal (leaving only two left) with a solid Supreme Court pick would safeguard the Constitution from judicial activism so long that your grandchildren will benefit.

3. Hillary Clinton won’t be the president.



  1. Amen brother. Giulliani doesn’t exactly excite me to the point of doing jumping jacks but I’ll take her over Clinton or Obama any day.

    Comment by Mark — July 17, 2007 @ 4:34 pm | Reply

  2. Haha! Seriously, Giuliani? You Repubs are really scraping the bottom of the barrel, aren’t you? Hey, why don’t you unfreeze Newt, maybe he can save your “party.”

    Comment by Brad — July 17, 2007 @ 6:41 pm | Reply

  3. “Return of the Reagan Court Appointments” would make a great thriller for us liberals. It’d be one step more grotesque than “Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake/Prequel/Whatever,” and about as intense and frightening as a trip to the dentist. No thanks, I think I’d prefer a court that wouldn’t overturn the last fifty years of social progress.

    Comment by Stryker — July 17, 2007 @ 9:08 pm | Reply

  4. Yeah, just another blatant attempt to put more judges in place to overthrow Roe v. Wade. Strange… how conservatives spout that they want LESS government, LESS interference in Americans private lives & decisions… unless, of course, you’re a woman of child-bearing age who has the audacity to expect self-determination, in which conservatives wouldn’t hesitate for one second to bring down the full force of Big Brother to make those decisions FOR you! How any self-respecting woman can align herself with the paternalistic thinking of the GOP is beyond me… people will debate until the cows come home as to WHEN an embryo/fetus becomes truly a “person”. While that debate goes on, I’ll continue to throw my support to the pregnant woman. We can all agree that SHE’S a “person” deserving of full-fledged rights… oh geez, I forgot, I guess we can’t agree on that now, can we?

    What a shame, too… I could definitely have seen myself voting for Guiliani – but his recent comments about who who would appoint to the court is a real turn-off and a “red flag”.

    Comment by THIS is why I'm Indie... — July 19, 2007 @ 5:26 pm | Reply

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