July 17, 2007

And Speaking of Hillary and the Court

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The two leading Democratic candidates took their typical potshots at the two newest justices with plenty of ambiguous rhetoric about “turning the clock back on civil rights” left for future appearances.

Clinton says she would “appoint well-qualified judges who really respect the Constitution,” and Barack Obama opined, “we need somebody who’s got the empathy to recognize what it’s like to be a young teen-aged mom,” he said.

What Obama is suggesting sounds not so much like an impartial judge for the Supreme Court but some spiky-haired kid on his laptop at Starbucks or in line at a Reel Big Fish concert. They, are like, totally down with authority and The Man.



  1. The Supreme Court should be the finest legal minds. John Roberts qualifies. Barack Obama’s response does not. Obama is a lightweight, and Roberts is a heavyweight. Obama will be a flash in the pan long after Roberts retires.

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    Comment by blacktygrrrr — July 18, 2007 @ 12:34 am | Reply

  2. Right on Ace.

    Comment by Middle America — July 19, 2007 @ 7:29 am | Reply

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