July 19, 2007

An Inconvenient Link

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It isn’t published yet, but when this supposedly controversial study makes it rounds I doubt we’ll see any much needed changes to the status quo:

Experts have often wondered what proportion of men who download explicit sexual images of children also molest them. A new government study of convicted Internet offenders suggests that the number may be startlingly high: 85 percent of the offenders said they had committed acts of sexual abuse against minors, from inappropriate touching to rape.

The study, which has not yet been published, is stirring a vehement debate among psychologists, law enforcement officers and prison officials, who cannot agree on how the findings should be presented or interpreted.

This yet-to-be-published study surprises me as much as the discovery of the extensive criminal history of the rapist who just gave us another pretty white girl to bury.

Studies have widely found a link between pornography and violent criminals, so it’s only natural to see a link between child abusers and child pornography. Of course, not all subscribers and purveys of pornography are criminals, but unlike collectors of child rags they don’t have to suppress their sexual urges to be on the good side of the law.

It is simply not a baffling discovery when one who has been released on charges of possessing child pornography is found to be in the inappropriate company of children. The 85% statistic means that the other 15 weren’t bold enough to act on their desires.

Unfortunately, hard prison (the one rational solution) takes a backseat to theory of rehabilitation adopted by criminologists and “health experts” who try to do the humane thing by recycling society’s most depraved back into the community thinking they’ve made them more productive.

But then a body turns up and we have just gone from discussing what to do with middle-level sex offenders to debating capital punishment and how we could have “seen it coming.”

So we ask: How many offenders in that 85% category have been convicted of a felony or sex crime before molesting a child – before getting busted for viewing child pornography? Then we realize that a two-month sentence for inappropriate contact with a minor is too short and by getting tougher we can prevent someone from molesting a child who only then gets caught for the lesser offense of viewing child porn – because they’ll be behind bars.

It really is that easy.


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