August 10, 2007

Silence is the New Jesus

Filed under: Politics,Religion,Trials/Lawsuits — acepundit @ 3:09 pm

At least one Texas couple believes the state has gone too far by requiring students to observe a moment of silence before the commencement of classes. Governor Rick Perry and a school district have been sued over the alleged child abuse:

David Wallace Croft and his wife, Shannon, of Carrollton, Texas, have three children at Rosemeade Elementary and argue that the moment of silence is unconstitutional and amounts to state-sanctioned school prayer.

The couple has a history of complaints against religious-affiliated words and images in schools, having previously complained about Boy Scout rallies held during school, fliers sent home about Good News Bible Club meetings and the inclusion of “Silent Night” and a Hanukkah song in holiday concerts, according to report.

Krista Moody, a spokeswoman for Perry, said the moment of silence law that the Crofts filed a suit against on March 1, 2006, was passed in 2003 and calls for students to observe a moment of silence after reciting pledges to the U.S. and Texas flags each day.

Not much to say on this one. I guess if you tried…really hard, you could somehow almost see how standing in a moment of silence is tantamount to forcing prayer into a young impressionable mind. Leave that crap to the Boy Scouts.


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