October 7, 2007

When Cops Have Guns

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Today’s horrendous story out of Wisconsin, albeit an extremely rare event, flies in the face of gun-control advocates that argue citizens shouldn’t be allowed to own and carry firearms but law enforcement officers should.

The difference between a cop and a citizen is that one has a badge and the other doesn’t. Why does a small metallic emblem give gun-control advocates a sense of security that cops can be trusted while the thought of the average law-abiding joe packing heat in a supermarket (or say, a college campus) invoke fear and paranoia?


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  1. Because a law enforcement officer is working for the government. People innately think that owning a machine that is designed to kill others should be connected to people of privilege. People in government, especially our leaders, deserve more protection than citizens. Also the military is one and the same as the government, and it is the military which protects us as a nation. Therefore it makes sense to want to tie people-with-guns with people-with-bigger-guns and so forth. For instance, you need a gun license, because it’s a priveledge to own a machine that is designed to kill others. It means you have more power over life and death, and to be given that power, you ought to be connected to those who higher up ultimately control and persuade the world through their leadership. That is just how the psychology works. You asked and I gave the correct answer, so i don’t want to hear someone else comment with how unamerican I am or how I need to move to Korea. Also, besides just the psychology of it, a law enforcement agent is more likely to be in contact with others who know how to use a gun and who are carrying them for a purpose that can be revoked by their superiors. A Common citizen may just be carrying a gun for any reason he pleases and if he uses it poorly then he cannot lose his job exactly for this reason in the same way that the law enforcer can, plus he doesn’t belong to an agency which may get bad press and be shamed for the conduct of one of their poor officers.

    Comment by Matthew Dickinson — March 16, 2008 @ 4:36 am | Reply

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