January 5, 2008

Good Riddance To Bad Text Messages

Too bad no one thought of actually making a phone call before sending the ill-fated text message:

NEW YORK – Geeta Citygirl just figured something was wrong with her phone when she realized the greetings she was sending as the ball dropped New Year’s Eve weren’t getting through. In Los Angeles, a half-dozen New Year’s text messages bounced back to Reggie Cameron on Wednesday, more than 24 hours after he thought he sent them out.

In fact, so many people tried to send text messages on New Year’s Eve that networks got jam-packed and many of the missives arrived hours later — or not at all.

Next-generation portable media players cum the various ways to digitally and electronically communicate are slowing killing genuine human contact. Why bother yourself with having to ask someone how they’re doing when you can just simply send them a quick message to prove they’ve been on your mind?

I certainly got my fair share of text messages on New Year’s Eve – perhaps more than I realized if any possible senders ran into the same problems mentioned above. But because I simply loathe the concept of “texting” I could care less if those impersonal missives ever reach me.


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